Learn to Write an Error-Free Essay


No doubt, every student wants to write top-notch exemplification essay. It wants to be praised and rewarded with excellent grades.

Students often make a mistake of neglecting the importance of editing and proofreading. Usually, they focus on enhancing writing skills only. They labor hard to write remarkable content. To achieve this target, they introduce new words, bring diversity in writing style, and spend time on brainstorming.

In contrast, they consider editing the content a secondary part of writing that is a wrong perception. In some academic institutes, even teachers don't emphasize on proofreading the content. That's why; students also consider it as a vague or naïve practice to follow.

Even professional writers strictly follow the process of editing after writing the content. Almost all writers make typos and grammatical mistakes while writing a comprehensive piece of paper.



Students at the initial stage of writing, often fail to get top-grades in writing assignments. Although they write remarkable and informative content, yet they struggle to get good grades. The primary reason is that they don't look for spelling mistakes after writing lengthy papers.

Let's suppose you're cooking a meal. It will be your top priority to make it delicious. It is understood that you will follow all the necessary protocols while preparing a meal. If you miss one ingredient to put it in the flour, you will not be able to make it tasty.

Similarly, proofreading is also an ingredient. It is like giving a final touch to the written content. 

Significance of Editing:

It is noticeable that there is a difference between editing and proofreading. Editing is a process of rephrasing or rewriting the content. In contrast, proofreading encourages writers to subdue typos and grammatical errors.

Writing is a skill, and learning this is essential in all academic institutes. That's why teachers assign too many writing assignments to their students. At the initial stage of writing, students often struggle to write a presentable piece of narrative essay

Essay writing is not only about writing the content but also encourages students to express their thoughts and ideas orderly and adequately. It is imperative for all neophyte writers to look for rephrasing, rewriting, and reorganizing the content. 

Reorganizing the content assists students in making the content more presentable, alluring, and readable to the readers. As a writer, write content to convince, please, or attract its readers. Therefore, it must be convincing and informative, and well organized.

Significance of Proofreading:

If you make typos and spelling mistakes, the whole writing effort will be in vain, whether you write informative or engaging content. Proofreading helps a writer to get over all errors related to writing.

Writing errors make the content cloudy and uninteresting to read.

It is also a well-known fact that there are several spell-checkers tools available while writing on computers.  Those stools are still not a hundred percent reliable because they don't look for some common and misused errors.

For instance, they don't look for homophones, punctuation marks, and misuse of words in the written content. Therefore, it is suggested for new scribblers to proofread the content thoroughly.

All those students who fret out when they don't get good grades should give high importance to proofreading and editing. A student often thinks about how I can write my essay error-free and presentable so that he can score top-grades. Such a student must adopt a habit of editing and proofreading after writing each essay.

Essay writing requires writers to write error-free and up to the mark content. Presenting a comprehensive essay in a well-organized and well-managed way should be the foremost priority for all students and professional writers.

However, it requires time, dedication, and persistence form students and neophyte scribblers to become a top-notch essay writer. There is no shortcut to becoming a top-echelon writer. A newbie writer has to take stairs to become a professional writer. 



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